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OSHA Safety Construction Course

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  • OSHA 10-Hour Construction
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  • OSHA 30-Hour Construction
    Includes Free Study Guide
  • OSHA 10-Hour General Industry
    Includes Free Study Guide
  • OSHA 30-Hour General Industry
    Includes Free Study Guide

Largest Provider of OSHA Safety Training Online is a premier provider of online safety training, offering hundreds of construction and general industry programs and environmental and Department of Transportation (DOT) courses.

Our courses are developed by subject matter experts who are certified professionals in environmental health and safety in accordance with the most recent compliance regulations. We offer flexible subscription solutions for any budget to companies needing safety training.

Osha Accepted Provider

Some of our more popular interactive online courses include 10-Hour and 30-Hour Outreach Training for Construction and General Industry. We are an OSHA-authorized provider of the 10-Hour and 30-Hour Outreach Training that focuses on federal OSHA industry standards. We also offer the HAZWOPER 40-Hour, 24-Hour and 8-Hour Refresher training for employees involved in hazardous waste operations and emergency response.

Because Spanish-speaking employees are most at risk for fatalities in construction, we offer bilingual construction safety courses in English and Spanish.

F Marie Athey OHST
F Marie Athey OHST January 26, 2015 0

The growing number of workplace safety regulations and compliance requirements can be confusing. Unless you are the type of person who likes to read the fine details and assess whether or not the regulation applies to your business or your industry, you might want a high-level answer to important workplace questions. Save yourself some time ...

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F Marie Athey OHST
F Marie Athey OHST January 12, 2015 0

One of the most important things to remember when working in construction is to keep your feet beneath you. If your feet do not touch the ground, you are at risk of a fall. Falls can also lead to fatalities for construction employees on the jobsite. OSHA reports that out of the 796 fatalities in ...

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F Marie Athey OHST
F Marie Athey OHST December 29, 2014 0

As with all things related to OSHA, things are changing once again. This time, the changes are related to the recordkeeping rules. In 2015, you must be prepared for the new ways of documenting accidents—and know when, how, why, where, and what you report to OSHA. Before you are dinged for incomplete documentation or missed ...

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F Marie Athey OHST
F Marie Athey OHST December 19, 2014 0

[framebuzz src= width=580 height=360] The best move towards protecting workers from any accident while at work in a confined space is to train them to know a confined space environment. Confined Spaces Definition Is large enough or so configured that an employee can bodily enter and perform work. Has limited or restricted means for entry ...

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