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OSHA Safety Construction Course

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  • OSHA 10-Hour Construction
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  • OSHA 30-Hour Construction
    Includes Free Study Guide
  • OSHA 10-Hour General Industry
    Includes Free Study Guide
  • OSHA 30-Hour General Industry
    Includes Free Study Guide

Largest Provider of OSHA Safety Training Online is a premier provider of online safety training, offering hundreds of construction and general industry programs and environmental and Department of Transportation (DOT) courses.

Our courses are developed by subject matter experts who are certified professionals in environmental health and safety in accordance with the most recent compliance regulations. We offer flexible subscription solutions for any budget to companies needing safety training.

Osha Accepted Provider

Some of our more popular interactive online courses include 10-Hour and 30-Hour Outreach Training for Construction and General Industry. We are an OSHA-authorized provider of the 10-Hour and 30-Hour Outreach Training that focuses on federal OSHA industry standards. We also offer the HAZWOPER 40-Hour, 24-Hour and 8-Hour Refresher training for employees involved in hazardous waste operations and emergency response.

Because Spanish-speaking employees are most at risk for fatalities in construction, we offer bilingual construction safety courses in English and Spanish.

F Marie Athey OHST
F Marie Athey OHST March 16, 2015 0

Workplace safety is serious business. There is nothing funny about taking safety for granted. To prevent an increase in worker accidents and fatalities, safety training is a must. It is beneficial not only to employees but to employers and their businesses as well. However, as an Environmental, Health and Safety Professional, long hours of training ...

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F Marie Athey OHST
F Marie Athey OHST March 13, 2015 0 is gearing up for two celebrations of Earth Day. Yup, you read that right. Each year, there are two similar events that promote environmental protection and awareness! While most people in the United States celebrate Earth Day on April 22, the first commemoration of this environmental event happened on March 21—back in 1970. We’re ...

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Kyle Thill
Kyle Thill March 11, 2015 0

Forklifts require a lot of focus on safety when anyone is working with them, or around them. That focus on safety is paramount when that forklift requires maintenance. Probably more safety concerns than the average Joe might think of when looking at a forklift down for maintenance or repair. But because of the forklift’s fuel ...

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F Marie Athey OHST
F Marie Athey OHST March 9, 2015 0

Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA, Dr. David Michaels, notes that $198.2 billion are spent each year due to workplace injuries and illnesses. Averaging out at more than half a billion bucks every single day, that’s quite the cost for something that is almost always preventable. Stop throwing big money away on workplace injuries and ...

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