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Forklift Operator Training

Stand up & Sit Down Forklift Operator Training Online

Our online Forklift operator training courses cover the fundamentals of forklift safety training and basics on how to operate a forklift. These courses are built to the OSHA safety guidelines for forklift operations. Since all Forklifts are slightly different employers are responsible for providing hands-on Forklift operator training when you start work. is your one-stop shop for Safety Training. Take advantage of the convenient, time saving and low cost Forklift Operator training courses to start a new career, today!

Individual CoursesCourse DescriptionCredit HoursCost
Sit Down ForkliftSit Down Forklift2.0$49.00
Stand Up ForkliftStand Up Forklift2.0$49.00
Pedestal Mounted CranePedestal Mounted Crane2.0$49.00