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MSHA Training Courses

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MSHA Training Part 46 Courses Online has online training packages and individual courses that comply with MSHA requirements for training and retraining miners, specifically Title 30 CFR – Part 46 (regulations for surface miners and surface mining contractors). These training courses, developed by Convergence Training, won a MSHA award for software at the TRAM (Training Resources Applied to Mining) Conference.

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Surface/New Miner Training

MSHA training

Whether you are a surface miner or surface miner contractor, start your new job the safe way. MSHA Part 46 regulations require new miners to complete 24 hours of training within 90 days of their hire date. Four hours of this training must be completed before beginning work at the mine. Our MSHA Surface Miner Training includes eight hours of training and meets the training subject requirements of 30 CFR 46.5.


Individual MSHA Courses

Miner training

Surface miners and surface mining contractors can choose the following individual courses (as approved by their employer) and earn credit toward required MSHA Part 46 training. offers a wide range of titles, from Surface Mine Development to Working with Explosives.

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Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of each individual module, students will be able to access a certificate of completion. The 5000-23 Training form is available for download by clicking the MSHA 5000-23 Certificate of Training Form button above. Generally, the person signing the form is the mine operator or a person acting on behalf of the operator. For example, a company safety official, a trainer employed or contracted by the operator, or a cooperative instructor (such as, a state grantee). does NOT sign the 5000-23 form.

The following is a link to MSHA’s website which provides instructions and requirements for filling out the 5000-23 or equivalent forms correctly:

Training Plan Resources

Our training partner Convergence Training offers Training Plans in a downloadable format to help organize your employee training.

Record of Training Resources

  • Download Our Template – Here’s our blank Record of Training template in Microsoft Excel format based on an MSHA template.
  • Record of Training Template
Top Courses Course Description Credit Hours Price
New Miner Training
New Miner Training
8.58 $150
Using Personal Protective Equipment (MSHA)course-starbust
0.24 $20
Line of Authority (MSHA)course-starbust
0.10 $20
Surface Mine Development, Operations, and Reclamation (MSHA) learn-more
0.15 $20
Typical Surface Mining Equipment (MSHA)
0.20 $20
General Physical Characteristics of Surface Mines (MSHA) learn-more
0.8 $20

Individual Courses Course Description Credit Hours Cost
Hazard Overview (MSHA) learn-more
0.8 $20
Environmental Hazards (MSHA) learn-more
0.16 $20
Equipment Hazards (MSHA) learn-more
0.31 $20
Physical Hazards (MSHA) learn-more
0.18 $20
Chemical Hazards (MSHA) learn-more
0.13 $20
Emergency Procedures (MSHA) learn-more
0.23 $20
Preventing Accidents (MSHA) learn-more
0.16 $20
Working Around Equipment (MSHA) learn-more
0.24 $20
Maintaining and Repairing Equipment (MSHA) learn-more
0.20 $20
Working in a Confined Space (MSHA) learn-more
0.21 $20
Working on or Near Water (MSHA) learn-more
0.5 $20
Working at Night (MSHA) learn-more
0.4 $20
Working with Chemicals (MSHA) learn-more
0.16 $20
Working with Electricity (MSHA) learn-more
0.13 $20
Working with Explosives (MSHA) learn-more
0.6 $20
Rights and Legal Responsibilities of Miners (MSHA) learn-more
0.13 $20
Site Rules and Hazard Reporting (MSHA) learn-more
0.10 $20
Respirators (MSHA) learn-more
0.35 $20
Escape Respirators and SCSRs (MSHA) learn-more
0.24 $20
First Steps in All First Aid Situations (MSHA) learn-more
0.34 $20
First Aid for Emergences (MSHA) learn-more
0.48 $20
First Aid for Common Injuries (MSHA) learn-more
0.37 $20