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Online MSHA Part 46 Training Courses

MSHA Part 46 requirements can be confusing. Who needs how much of what by when? This timeline should help clarify the minimum MSHA Part 46 training requirements.

The online training provided by in collaboration with Convergence Training is designed in compliance with MSHA Part 46 regulations. Prior to taking any of these courses, you should confirm which training is required by your employer and that your employer accepts this training as part of an approved training plan.

While these regulations refer to miners, MSHA requires that mining contractors who perform work at surface mines on a regular basis to have all of the same training as a surface miner.

New Miner Training

(30 CFR -46.5)

A person beginning employment as a miner or an independent contractor performing work at a mine is considered a new miner.

New miners require a minimum of 24 hours of training in nine subjects within their first 90 days of employment.

Newly Hired Experienced Miner Training

(30 CFR – 46.6)

A newly hired person who has completed 24 hours of New Miner Training with at least 12 cumulative months of surface mining experience is considered a newly hired experienced miner.

For practical purposes, we’ve combined this category with New Miner Training, since many mine operators train all new hires as new miners.

Annual Refresher Training

(30 CFR – 46.8)

The only specific subject required by MSHA Part 46 for Annual Refresher Training is on changes at the mine relevant to mining operations that could adversely affect the miner’s health or safety. MSHA provides a list of recommended and suggested topics for which miners and mining contractors can receive Annual Refresher credit towards their eight-hour minimum. Each of our courses listed under the Course Catalog tab can qualify as credit toward Annual Refresher Training.

As with all training related to federal compliance, please be sure you are aware of both the requirements of the regulations and the forms of training acceptable to your employer.