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8 Reasons Online OSHA Training Works

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Editorial Team | March 8, 2013 | Comments Off on 8 Reasons Online OSHA Training Works

8 Reasons Online OSHA Training Works

OSHA training saves lives. That’s the entire purpose. It’s not just something to get out of the way—you want to provide employees with effectively-delivered information that will keep them safe.

It’s natural to wonder if online training is effective. The internet solves many problems, but OSHA training relates to very physical topics. Can online training work?

It does. It’s been working for close to two decades. Here are a few of the reasons why.

Reason #1: Online Training Allows You to Work at Your Own Pace

In a traditional setting, fast learners get bored and slow learners struggle to keep up. When training is available online, everyone can go at a pace that’s comfortable for them. They can take breaks when they need and go back over previous material if they want. Students have six months to complete online courses once they begin, and they can do the coursework over as many sessions as they need. It’s why 58% of employees prefer self-paced occupational training.

Reason #2: Online Training Accommodates Different Learning Styles

Online training is designed to address the three primary learning styles:

  • Visual learners can read the text, or make use of illustrations, animation, and video.
  • Auditory Learners have the option of using audio narration of text, in addition to video.
  • Cognitive learners can work through interactive simulations that help them apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Reason #3: Online Training Lets You Pick a Time

Traditional training that is on-site or at a training facility is often crammed in during or after their shift, when workers are tired and feeling rushed. But online training can be taken anytime, anywhere. Students can pick a time that’s convenient for them.

Being comfortable and refreshed lets a student focus on the material. Naturally, they do better as a result. And if students have a question for their instructor, an answer is an email, instant message, phone call, or Tweet away.

Reason #4: Online Training Leads to Better Retention

According to the Research Institute of America, workers who take online courses retain 17 to 50 percent more of the material than their classroom-bound counterparts. This is due in part to all of the points above.

Reason #5: Online Training Gives the Unemployed a Better Shot

Online courses are more affordable and easily accessible to individuals than traditional training. This gives unemployed workers the opportunity to take the necessary OSHA training on their own time. It boosts their chances of finding a job once they finish.

Reason #6: Online Training Saves You the Commute

Workers don’t have to travel to a school or training center. Fighting traffic isn’t a problem when you just have to get to the nearest computer.

Reason #7: Online Training Takes Less Time

The commute isn’t the only time-saver. Repeatedly, research and case studies have found that online training takes 40-60% less time than classroom training. Online training eliminates off-topic conversation, unproductive break time, and the padding you have to build in when wrangling many people at once.

Reason #8: Online Training Doesn’t Require Tech Savvy

Students don’t have to be experienced computer users. In fact, they can do well with online training even if they have no computer experience at all. Most general industry and construction certifications are easy to understand. And some programs are set up for non-English speakers.

Bottom Line

If you need an OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 course this year, opting for online training can make your safety training program convenient, efficient, and more effective than going to a classroom.

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