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What You Need To Know About Safety Training

Muddassir Katchi

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Muddassir Katchi | February 28, 2018 | Comments Off on What You Need To Know About Safety Training

What You Need To Know About Safety Training

Business owners, employers, and supervisors want to do the right thing and ensure the employees under their care remain safe in the workplace. However, most are not aware of safety regulations and compliances that can prevent accidents.

All workplaces have to meet certain federal and state safety regulations, some of which are industry specific. Click To Tweet

All workplaces have to meet certain federal and state safety regulations, some of which are industry specific. In order to determine which ones apply to specific workplaces, employers should find answers to the following questions:

  • Which OSHA safety standards or safety federal regulations apply to my industry?
  • Which OSHA safety standards or safety federal regulations apply to hazards in the workplace?
  • What PPE or personal protective equipment do my employees need?
  • Which environmental regulations apply to operations and the industry the business is in?
  • Has the business ever violated safety regulations and if so, which ones?

If you are asked to create a training program for your company, talk to employees and management in all areas of the business. The answers to the following questions will help you create an effective program:

  • What are the common hazards present in the workplace currently?
  • Do employees work with machinery? If yes, which ones? Are they electric, chemical and is radiation a factor?
  • How does the company respond to and address medical emergencies?
  • Do employees require special safety training regarding their jobs?
  • Do employees require training using specific equipment?
  • What injuries and accidents are common in the workplace?
  • Do any employees drive as part of their job? If yes, which vehicles do they drive and how well do they drive them?

The importance of health and safety training in the workplace

Over 200 people lose their lives in workplace accidents. These incidents can be avoided with proper safety precautions and regulations. Preventing fatalities and illnesses that can compromise the workforce is key when it comes to maintaining a successful business. By maintaining standard federal health and safety regulations in the workplace, you can:

  • Maintain a healthy and safe workplace
  • Ensure employees are not affected by illnesses or injured in the workplace
  • Discover how to improve workplace safety in each department
  • Meet federal safety regulations regarding the health and safety of employees

An effective training program should:

  • Help the business prevent and avoid accidents and distress
  • Prevent a financial drain rendered by occupational accidents and ill health
  • Contribute in ensuring employees are in the prime of health

Some of the basics that should be included in an occupational health and safety program include:

Objectives – Ensure that new employees are aware of the health and safety program, including its main goals. This includes ensuring that each of them knows that they are a vital part of meeting those goals.

Accident Reports – Certain OSHA certified record keeping requirements need to be followed in case of a workplace accident or near miss. New employees should be trained to understand the importance of the reporting process and the importance of immediate action. The explanation of the process should be reiterated if necessary and all of the important steps should be explained.

Emergency Maneuvers – All new and old employees should be trained to perform emergency procedures for their protection along with their colleagues. Action plans should be reviewed regularly to ensure everyone understands what needs to be done.’s Workforce Safety and Compliance Library

If you are part of HR or a supervisor, and you need to come up with effective safety training programs for the company, you can find credible resources in’s Workforce Safety and Compliance Library. Get unlimited access to courses that can be accessed on the go via mobile by signing up for a subscription today.

The library has over 200 courses pertaining to regulations and requirements of workplace safety for a range of industries. These have been designed to conform to best industry practices. As a subscriber to the package, you will get access to resources pertaining to environmental safety, ethics and compliance, and safety communication among others.

Occupational hazards are a ticking time bomb for your workforce. Stay one step ahead by subscribing to the library today. Your employees will be safer for it, and your company will be able to meet OSHA safety standards.


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