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Driver Safety Training – You Are A Valuable Asset

F Marie Athey OHST

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F Marie Athey OHST | September 3, 2013 | Comments Off on Driver Safety Training – You Are A Valuable Asset

Driver Safety Training You Are A Valuable AssetA good driving record and the way you drive can actually tell a lot about your character to an employer. For employers, having good drivers is very important when considering that company drivers can be a potential accident risk to a company. In the United States, driving is still the number 1 cause of fatalities for workers in all industries, not just professional drivers. You are a valuable asset not only to the employer but most importantly your family! Follow the below mentioned safety tips while driving and be a positive example for other drivers and your family. Remember Mom and Dad, your children are watching.


Safety First

  • Make sure you and your passenger  have seat belts on all the time. All the time!
  • Have proper rest before driving. If you are upset emotionally don’t get behind the wheel until you are calm.
  • Make sure you are not taking any medication that would make you drowsy. Even OTC medications such as allergy medication and ibuprofen can cause drowsiness. Until you know how a medicine will affect you don’t drive.
  • Plan your trip; calculate the number of miles you can drive safely each day. Know your limits and don’t push it.
  • DO NOT DRIVE if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, even drugs prescribed to you by a doctor.


Be Attentive All the Time

  • Eating or drinking, adjusting side mirrors, tuning radio or other controls or talking on the phone while driving should be strictly avoided as driving requires full concentration. Complete these tasks before you leave.
  • Always stay focused on the roadway to react to situations requiring rapid actions. Try scanning up the road 12- 18 seconds ahead. Scan your side mirrors and rear every 5-7 seconds.
  • Take a break after every 2 hours or sooner if needed. Refresh by drinking water or other cold drinks, and do some stretching.


Don’t Be an Aggressive Driver

  • Traffic jams sometimes are annoying, keep your mind cool. Everyone is in the same situation as you so share the road. Other drivers are not deliberately trying to irritate you.
  • Show some courtesy to other drivers and be patient. Even if other drivers are not courteous, be the better person.
  • Avoid crowded roadways, and heavy congestion times. Be mindful in school zones. Adjust your driving schedule to be on roadways when they are less crowded.
  • Always keep maps and directions with you. Plan and  look at your route before you leave.


For employers, if you do not have driver safety training for your drivers then you are making yourself financially liable for any incident that involves your driver. Do you know that a motor vehicle incident with injury costs both direct and indirect can cost about $80,000? A fatality could cost an employer more than $1.4 million in direct and indirect costs.  Even if your office administrator runs a short errand during lunch for the office; this could open a company up for potential liability.

Automobiles are not ferocious…. it is man who is to be feared.
~ Robbins B.Stoeckel,
Motor Vehicle Commissioner of Connecticut
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