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5 Simple Ways to Enhance Knowledge Retention in Safety Training

F Marie Athey OHST

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F Marie Athey OHST | November 2, 2015 | Comments Off on 5 Simple Ways to Enhance Knowledge Retention in Safety Training

Safety Training

Donuts are a fun topic. Figuring out who is winning the company fantasy football league is a fun topic. Workplace safety is not exactly a fun topic. However, because of OSHA and other requirements, you may need to offer construction safety or other training programs to your staff on a regular basis.

Even if it is not everyone’s favorite way to spend an afternoon, these training sessions are an important way to enhance job skills and improve safety in the workplace. It is crucial for anybody who undergoes safety training to take the sessions seriously and strive to learn something from the program. Consider these five ways to boost knowledge retention during construction or general industry safety training:

  • Utilize Interactivity – When learners feel like they are active participants, they are more likely to remember information presented to them. Interactivity promotes engagement and helps in retaining knowledge. Plus, an interactive learning program is more fun compared to old-fashioned lectures.
  • Make it “Bite-Sized” – Long, drawn out learning sessions can lead to information overload and boredom. When possible, choose workplace safety training options that you can be arranged in shorter, easier-to-digest segments. You’ll help in preventing your staff from being bored with the process or from tuning out in the middle of learning.
  • Test Throughout – Instead of presenting pages and pages of information (or video after video, as the case may be), incorporate shorter quizzes throughout the presentation. Breaking up the content with quizzes will help make modules easier to comprehend. Doing so will also help your staff to find out where they are struggling sooner, rather than later. Plus, recent studies show that frequent testing enhances learning for students in school—so it only stands to reason that this would be the case for those with work-related studies as well.
  • Keep it Real – When providing safety training, citing real world examples that apply to your industry is one of the best ways to get your staff to pay attention. If employees feel that the information is useful to them, they are going pay attention—and are more likely to relate to the discussion.
  • Put Information to Use – While it may not always be possible, putting information to use right away can encourage knowledge retention. Testing the knowledge gained from an eLearning course in a real life situation could be the ideal way to ensure that learners do not forget these skills anytime soon.

Knowledge retention is important for any general health and safety training at work. After all, what good is it to offer these courses if no one pays attention? We know that in today’s busy world, your crew doesn’t have time to sit down for hours upon hours of eLearning. Request a demo of our bite-sized safety learning modules today! Even if workplace safety isn’t as fun as fantasy football,’s courses are designed to make it easier for your employees to learn the skills they need to be safe on the jobsite—and that’s what really matters.

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