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Fall Protection

Sheila Bert

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Sheila Bert | February 28, 2014 | Comments Off on Fall Protection

Fall ProtectionModern technology can deliver information to our computer screen in seconds. It can link research done by millions of people together to accomplish things that were previously impossible. Technology has improved our lives, both at home and on the job. Great strides have been made in improvements in fall protection systems to help save the lives of workers at height.

Building the Empire State Building in the 1930’s

Falls are the #1 cause of fatalities in construction. One in three of construction worker deaths is caused by falls.

With all the modern technology, why are workers still being killed by falls in construction accidents? Failure to provide fall protection/failure to use fall protection/lack of training/complacency/inadequate systems/lack of planning/inadequate risk assessment/lack of inspection of equipment-these are just SOME of the reasons workers still lose their lives in falls. Are you protected?

Want to know how many workers lost their lives while building the Empire State Building?

Official records state that only five workers were killed during the construction of the empire state building: one worker was struck by a truck; a second fell down an elevator shaft; a third was hit by a hoist; a fourth was in a blast area; and a fifth fell off a scaffold. Over 30 people have jumped to their death from the empire state building. Click on the link below to see the building of the Empire State Building.

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