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Friday Regulatory Roundup – Aug. 18th

Matt Luman

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Matt Luman | August 18, 2017 | Comments Off on Friday Regulatory Roundup – Aug. 18th

Friday Regulatory Roundup – Aug. 18th

2017 Highway Work Zone Safety Survey

2017 – If you haven’t had a chance to look over this survey from The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), it is definitely worth a look. As you can imagine, work zones are more dangerous for both drivers and workers. See how everyone fares in your state by following the links.

Trump to sign executive order Tuesday on infrastructure projects

August 14 – Speaking of work zones, it is well known that throughout the country, our infrastructure is aging. Whether it be the highway system, rural roads, or the thousands of bridges used beyond their engineering capacity, we need help. This past week, Trump signed an executive order to establish and shape the process so moving forward these projects can receive focus and get moving. Construction contractors get ready!

Fungal Infections – 10 Questions to Protect Your Health

August 11 – With summer in full swing, more and more people are headed to our nations lakes and rivers to cool off. Even with signs warning of fungus and bacteria in the water, people are often not deterred. See the article from the CDC on protecting your health from one huge issue: fungal infections.

World Mosquito Day is August 20, CDC

August 18 – Learn more about the mosquitoes that spread ZIKA and where they are located. ZIKA spreading mosquitoes prefer to target humans, and seeing the maps, it might be a little shocking to see how far they have spread. Keep yourself safe by following the steps recommended by the CDC.

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