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Friday Regulatory Roundup – July 21st

Matt Luman

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Matt Luman | July 21, 2017 | Comments Off on Friday Regulatory Roundup – July 21st

Friday Regulatory News Round Up -

Harmful Algal Blooms

7/12/17 It is the season again for algal blooms. Warmer weather and plenty of sunshine is a recipe for toxin producing blooms that are dangerous to people, animals, and the environment. Since diligence is required to be aware of where these are and what they can do, anyone planning on visiting bodies of water should read up!

OSHA investigation finds safety failures led to the death of 3 workers

7/18/17 A South Florida utility company was cited for 10 serious violations after 3 workers died when entering a manhole containing lethal gases. The confined space quickly affected the first person who entered, prompting two more employees to enter for rescue. To see the violations, head on over to the OSHA site news release. Over and over we are warned about the dangers that would-be rescuers face for confined spaces.

DHS Provides Relief to American Businesses in Danger of Suffering Irreparable Harm

7/17/17 Businesses in the U.S at risk of irreparable harm due to a lack of available temporary workers will now be able to start hiring. Businesses will be able to hire up to 15,000 additional temporary nonagricultural workers under the H-2B program. The H-2B Temporary Nonagricultural Worker program was designed to help businesses find qualified U.S. workers to perform nonagricultural work of a temporary nature. Eligible petitioners can file for workers starting this week.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning Prevention

7/17/17 The CDC released a simple infographic with a powerful message. Carbon Monoxide (CO) can’t be seen, smelled, or heard, but it can be stopped. Every year, over 400 people die from accidental CO poisoning, while thousands of others suffer illness. CDC included tips on preventing and recognizing CO poisoning. Remember, CO poisoning is entirely preventable!

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