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How OSHA Training Online Contributes to a Company’s Financial Health

F Marie Athey OHST

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F Marie Athey OHST | March 24, 2014 | Comments Off on How OSHA Training Online Contributes to a Company’s Financial Health

13-03-22_OSHA 11Safety and health add value to your business, and OSHA cannot emphasize it enough in many of its resources on its website. Occupational safety and health training programs boost productivity, employee morale, and help you make most of your profit. If all it takes is training employee for no more than 10 or 30 hours on OSHA training online, then wouldn’t you want to do it?

Per OSHA statistics, businesses spend over $170 billion due to occupational injuries and illnesses every year. These expenses are taken straight from the company’s earnings or bottom line. But with OSHA training online, did you know that you can save as much as 20 to 40 percent versus class room training? This may sound like small savings, but it could significantly reduce the amount of injuries your company is experiencing.  Online training teaches general safety training so you can focus on site specific hazards.

OSHA training online significantly improves productivity, work quality, morale and profits because it eliminates the need for increasing workers’ compensation, retraining, and prevent absenteeism and low work quality. But don’t just take OSHA’s word for it. One of its clients, a Fortune Five Hundred company, reported an increase of 13 percent in productivity. A small-scale manufacturing plant, meanwhile, reported a production of higher quality goods that allowed it to save up to $265,000. All these great benefits by simply incorporating a safety and health management program to their company objectives.

Through strategic partnerships with small businesses, federal and state agencies, corporations and non-profits organizations, OSHA has successfully fulfilled, and is continuing to successfully achieve its duties of providing workplace safety and health resources that will help businesses achieve their workplace safety and health goals. Every year, OSHA launches national safety and health campaigns and performs site inspections that help companies meet their safety obligations.

Since its inception, OSHA has saved lives, and has prevented millions of workplace injuries and illnesses. And with prevented injuries, workers can avoid as much as 40 percent of income losses.

OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs have helped businesses reduce lost workdays by as much as 50 percent lower than average industry totals on a national level. In dollars, this translates to over $1 billion since 1982.

Need we say more? OSHA is not an enemy that watches over you like a hawk, waiting for you to make a violation so they can cite you. OSHA is a partner that is always ready and willing to provide you guidance so you can meet your business’s health and safety goals. Visit their website at

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