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How to Get a Job in Construction

Muddassir Katchi

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Muddassir Katchi | October 31, 2018 | Comments Off on How to Get a Job in Construction

How to Get a Job in Construction

The different architectural wonders around the world owe their biggest credit to the men and women in construction. These people, many of which won’t even be celebrated for their role, have helped turn the vision of other people into reality countless times. Regardless, construction can be a very rewarding and stable job. For all you know, the next thing you’ll have a hand in building is your very own dream home.

But how does one get into construction? What skills are needed? Is training required? Besides the hard work that goes into construction, the job also requires a specialized skillset and the capability of employees to adjust to different circumstances surrounding a project. Adaptability is always a good trait to have in this field.

A successful project needs a lot of people who specialize in different skills and are able to perform specific tasks. Construction is not only about masons laying bricks to methodically build a structure. Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and painters all play their roles.

Popular Types of Construction Jobs

Be it a simple wall, or the tallest structure in the world, a construction job demands the involvement of numerous people. While the mason would build the structure, a painter would color it and perform finishing touches on it. Similarly, an electrician would lay down all the electrical infrastructure in it.

Therefore, construction is a collective effort and we discuss in detail some of the professions that are its biggest contributors.

Construction Carpenter

A construction carpenter’s job is to build, maintain, and repair any part of the construction that deals with wood. This includes wooden frames, doorways, and rafting among numerous other things.

Besides building new wooden structures and amenities, if something begins to malfunction, lacks the quality in its finishing, or is causing any other issue, the carpenter also performs repairing jobs.

Construction Electrician

A construction electrician’s job is to read a plan or blueprint and install electrical wiring along with electrical controls in any construction project. Any electrical fitting in the form of lights, switches, or fans is the job of a construction electrician.


A mason is someone who lays bricks or a combination of stone, pebbles, or other such items. Layering bricks and building a structure is an essential part of the construction job. A mason is also skilled when it comes to laying pebbles, cobblestones, and brick walkways.


A plumber is an expert in sanitary fittings including piping, water drainage, and sewage when it comes to homes, offices, or any building. A plumber does installation, maintenance, and repair of any of these parts. They not only do this work themselves but also delegate tasks to others.


A welder has expertise in joining different pieces of metal to make one object. Metals such as steel, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel can be welded together. Certain plastics and polymers can also be joined this way.

The job requires great attention to fine details and utmost precision. A lot of structures we see around us had their steel beams welded together by expert welders.

How to Get a Construction Job   

To get a job in construction, one needs to possess expertise within a certain facet of construction. You can be an electrician, plumber, mason, or be associated with any other construction related technical profession. Once you have identified the field, you need to then obtain certifications, gain experience, and work hard to make a name for yourself and eventually train others.

Get Certified

Every job has its risks and rewards. If reports are to be believed, construction is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Therefore, to avoid risks, one needs to be trained properly with a certified trainer or training program.

OSHA certification provides entry-level workers with an understanding of the hazards of working in the construction business and what the safety precautions are. General safety, knowledge of equipment and its handling, and fall protection measures are taught in most training programs.

The course does not require workers to travel to classrooms to learn, instead, it offers an online module-based course. The 10-hour OSHA course covers everything that an entry-level worker needs to know about their job. It is self-paced, and at the end of it, it requires you to take a final exam. To pass this final exam, you need to obtain at least 70% marks. Each applicant is given three tries to pass the exam.

Once the exam is passed, the worker will be eligible to receive a Department of Labor card and then can also apply for a certificate of completion. What this certification ensures is that any entry-level worker has all the required knowledge and expertise to go out and do the job properly.

OSHA Guide

Apply for Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship with a veteran of the industry or at a reputable organization immensely helps fresh inductees in the job market. There is a general way to do things which are taught in any certification program, but with any job, there are certain minute details that are only learned once the person is out in the field. This is where working under experienced professionals can aid.

Work Your Way Up

Every successful person, in any field of work, started off as nothing. Everyone needs to put in time and effort into their craft. With hard work as well as a little smartness, one can learn to do the job properly. However, they need to build value into their brand, i.e. into themselves. They could be working for 5-6 years, but if they don’t have a proper name or show quality in their work, it wouldn’t amount to anything as their credibility wouldn’t back them.


The key to having a successful business or career is networking. You need to know the right people so that not only do you learn new skills, but have resourceful contacts to fall back on in bad times. Numerous people will offer resources that can be utilized at different stages of your career for its betterment. You need to know people because the best way to expand your clientele is to be referred by previous clients. If the people you have worked for in the past like your work, they will recommend you to others who will, in turn, recommend you to more people.


Construction is one of the most technical jobs in the world. Even minor miscalculation can have significant effects on the end result of the project as well as the safety of all involved. Therefore, it is important that the people who work in the industry are not only highly skilled, but are also aware of the different risks involved in their job.

Educational courses can play a significant role in imparting this knowledge into the people who work in the field. Not only do these courses create awareness about the different aspects of the work, but can also play a crucial role in getting them their desired jobs. In addition to certification programs, applicants can also take advantage of FREE courses online to get themselves ready to enter the field.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your knowledge of the job, hard-work, and the contacts you build in the industry that can ensure you success in the construction business.

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