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MSHA Reveals Results of January Inspections

F Marie Athey OHST

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F Marie Athey OHST | March 26, 2014 | Comments Off on MSHA Reveals Results of January Inspections

Miner’s Rights and ResponsibilitiesThe U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration has announced in a news release that its federal inspectors has issued a total of 198 citations and 11 orders following a number of special impact inspections the agency has conducted at 17 mines in January. Eleven of these mines were considered coal mines while three were metal and nonmetal mines.

Here are just some of the sample violations at two mines which comprised worker safety:

–       Lack of lockout and tagout program for the belt conveyor

–       Failure to abate the aforementioned problem and provide protection to workers within the prescribed time

–       Failure to address coal float dust build ups on machineries

–       Inadequate on-shift examination of the conveyor belt

–       Failure to provide workers adequate ventilation

–       Failure to provide workers protection when working under a suspended load

–       Exposing workers to hazards like exposed, not to mention energized wire trays that were not securely attached in place, and damaged power cords

–       Failure to provide miners adequate training when it comes to moving compressors

–       Exposing workers to other hazardous situations such as hazardous gasses, missing handrails, and damaged ladders

The monthly inspections were started by the agency in April 2010, following the Upper Big Branch Mine disaster. The inspections aim to determine mines that have long been notoriously known in the industry to be unsafe due to poor compliance records. MSHA has conducted over 714 inspections and has issued 11, 760 citations; 1,087 orders and 49 safeguards since the initiative started.

MSHA Training is required for all new miners and an annual refresher course is also required. Part 46 allows miners to take their training online.  These courses, 15 online courses, will teach you the basics of surface mining, as well as safety procedures that you need to know about to keep yourself from harm’s way according to Part 46 surface mine requirements. Learn more about online MSHA training by visiting

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