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MSHA Training for Surface Miners

Muddassir Katchi

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Muddassir Katchi | May 31, 2016 | Comments Off on MSHA Training for Surface Miners

Stay safe on the mine. The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) oversees the provisions of the Federal Mine Safety Act of 1977 (Mine Act) to make sure that safety and health standards are maintained. Whether you’re new, experienced or need refresher training, be in compliance with MSHA requirements based on the Title 30 CFR – Part 46 regulations.  Here’s what surface miners and surface mining contractors need to know:


Having a new career on the mine? New surface miners and contractors are required to have 24 hours of training. It is divided into three parts, starting from before a miner begins working and ending at no later than 90 calendar days from when he started at the mine itself.

The topics covered in the 24 hour MSHA online training are:

  • Mining Environment Introduction
  • Hazard Recognition and Avoidance
  • Emergency and Medical Procedures
  • Health and Safety Aspects of Tasks and Operations
  • Hazard Reporting Rules and Procedures
  • Statutory Rights of Miners
  • Review and Description on the Line of Authority
  • Respiratory Devices and Use
  • First Aid Methods

With MSHA online training for new miners, you’ll be able to recognize hazards found at mines and be able to develop appropriate controls to avoid them.


A newly hired experienced miner is a person who has completed 24 hours of New Miner training and at least 12 months of surface mining experience. Persons under this category need their training completed within 60 days of starting at the mine. However, most employers consider them new miners and let them join the 24 hour training.

For newly hired experienced miners returning to the same mine from an absence of 12 months or less, training will not be required. The miner will be updated on any changes that occurred in the mine during the span of absence instead.


It is a requirement from MSHA that all surface miners and surface mining contractors have a minimum of 8 –hour annual refresher training. This will cover any changes in the mine that could affect the health and safety of miners and related subjects that are important to mining operations.

MSHA recommend the following subjects wherein any can qualify for credit:

  • Health and Safety Requirements
  • Physical and Health Hazards of Chemicals
  • Transportation Controls and Communication Systems
  • Escape and Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Highwalls
  • Water, Fire and Electrical Hazards
  • Illumination and Night Work
  • Fall Prevention and Protection
  • First Aid




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