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OSHA 10 Hour Contruction Card – Requirements By States

F Marie Athey OHST

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F Marie Athey OHST | August 27, 2013 | Comments Off on OSHA 10 Hour Contruction Card – Requirements By States

12-11-15_OSHA 11Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) is a U.S. government agency accountable for creating and implementing specifications for working conditions. Many of its rules include the construction industry, such as its OSHA 10-hour training for Construction, which is recommended for all construction workers, and is required in some states. Below are the seven states that require OSHA 10-hour training for employees working on a job site.

Connecticut – According to the OSHA requirements for Connecticut, any project partly or fully publicly funded ranging over $100,000, the contractor of the project is responsible to provide evidence that all the workers involved in completing the project are certified with the 10-hour training requirement with in one month of signing the agreement. The state of Connecticut requires all workers to retake the course every five years, however project like railroads construction, parking lots, and utility projects does not require workers to take the training. The law was put in effect in the year 2007

New York – The State of New York requires that all the workers involved in a project worth $250,000 have to complete their OSHA training and must have a valid 10-hour card. This law was made effective in the year 2008. Cards must be renewed every three years in NYC.

Massachusetts – The State of Massachusetts requires that all workers on a construction site to have completed at least 10-hour of OSHA training. Any worker without training should be removed from the field immediately if they fail to adhere to state requirements. A worker is permitted to enter the work site if he/ she has 10 or 30 hours of approved OSHA Training.

Missouri – It is a mandatory for the construction worker to complete the 10-hour safety course within 60 days of employment. Either working on a public or local or state government project, all workers must have a valid 10-hour card.

Nevada – Nevada requires not only the workers to have OSHA 10-hour training completed within 60 days of employment but also mandates that the supervisors must have 30-hour of training completed with a valid DOL card. Failure to comply with the requirement will result in termination of contract. All workers need to take the training every 5 year to keep themselves in compliance to state requirements.

New Hampshire – The state of New Hampshire will penalize a contractor if all the workers involved in completing a project worth $100,000 do not have the 10-hour training with the proof of completion- OSHA wallet card or DOL card. The requirement is for all on site workers working for municipal or state funded projects.

Rhode Island – The state of Rhode Island also requires that all workers must have completed OSHA 10-hour training who are on site and are involved in a municipal or state financed project.

If you belong to any of the above mentioned states and looking to start a career in the field of construction or already working as a general worker or supervisor then get your OSHA training online with a proof of completion i.e, DOL card at Your 10 or 30-Hour Construction Outreach card will be delivered to you within four to six weeks after completing the training successfully.

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