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Sheila Bert

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Sheila Bert | January 7, 2014 | Comments Off on QUESTIONS FOR THE TRENCHES AND EXCAVATIONS

Questions Trenches And ExcavationsWhat are common hazards faced by those who work in trenches or excavations? How do employers protect their workers from these hazards? OSHA requires workers to have comprehensive training prior to working in trenches or excavations. Can you answer the following questions?

What is tabulated data? What is a plasticity or thread test? When is benching not allowed? How much do typical OSHA fines for trenching cost? What is a Competent Person? Access/egress must be provided at what depth? Soil that is mostly clay is what type? When is a trench a confined space? Sloping or other protective systems must be used at what depth? What determines the angle of a slope or bench? What is a trenching/excavation checklist?

Knowing what the potential hazards are and how to protect yourself from them can be the difference between life and death.

How fast can a trench collapse? Find out here:

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