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Who Are Required to Undergo Online MSHA Training?

F Marie Athey OHST

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F Marie Athey OHST | April 2, 2014 | Comments Off on Who Are Required to Undergo Online MSHA Training?

Miner’s Rights and ResponsibilitiesSurface miners need to complete new hire training prior to entering the mine worksite. Because surface mining involves many hazardous operations employees need to be trained to avoid hazards associated with surface mines. Job tasks can be quite dangerous for the unskilled and only goes to show why the Mining Safety and Health Administration require miners to complete Part 46 surface miner training. Whether you’re an equipment operator or work at ground level, the mine operator will require you to complete MSHA Part 46 training to keep yourself safe on the job.

Part 46 of the Title 30 Code of Federal Regulations mandate newly hired miners to complete 24 hours of surface miner training within 90 days of their hire date. If you are employed to work in a mine and you perform tasks such as shell dredging, extract minerals and rocks like gravel, clay, stone, sand, colloidal phosphate and limestone, then you need to undergo training within 3 months of getting hired.

Mine operators and employers are obligated to provide proof of completion to MSHA for training to their miners. As long as miners are required to perform tasks that are directly involved in mining or perform jobs covered by MSHA Part 46, they would have to undergo training. Contractors who are intermittently required to attend to mine maintenance or inspections also need to undergo training.

What can workers expect from MSHA training? Online MSHA training and classroom-based training are available for miners who wish to complete the 24 hour course. When they opt for online MSHA training, they will have access to their courses through a learning management system. Upon training completion, the student will receive a certificate for the course which he can present to his employer as proof of training. On top of this training, the miner’s employer also has to provide for supplementary training.

The Mine Safety and Health Administration’s website offers comprehensive information on how you can complete and file your 5000-23 completion forms.

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