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Who Needs HAZWOPER Training?

Muddassir Katchi

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Muddassir Katchi | March 20, 2018 | Comments Off on Who Needs HAZWOPER Training?

Who Needs HAZWOPER Training?

Hazardous Waste Operations [HAZWOPER] was designed to protect 3 types of workers from chemical exposure, namely:

  1. Emergency responders
  2. TSDF (Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility) personnel
  3. Personnel in uncontrolled hazardous waste sites

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By ‘uncontrolled’, we mean hazardous substances that can create a threat to the health and safety of the environment and people. HAZWOPER training is necessary if workers:

  • Work near highly poisonous substances
  • Are exposed to chemical conditions that are fire or explosion hazards
  • Are responsible for evacuating others from areas that are oxygen deficient and/or toxic
  • Work in confined spaces
  • Work in environments that exceed IDLH levels
  • Supervise workers who are exposed to any of the above mentioned conditions

If your workers fall under any of the categories mentioned above, according to OSHA standards, they need to get HAZWOPER training as soon as possible. This includes a yearly refresher course to ensure they remain up to date with the latest regulations. However, if only some of your employees work near controlled chemical hazards, they do not need to undergo this training.

What HAZWOPER Courses Can Workers Take?

The courses that are needed should be based on the type of work your workers are responsible for, along with the hazards involved. There are 3 different courses that workers can take based on their work. They include:

40 Hour HAZWOPER CourseThis course is for workers who are responsible for hazardous waste cleanup, storage, disposal, and transportation. The course covers 40 hours, and is necessary for personnel who work on uncontrolled hazardous waste sites.

24 Hour HAZWOPER Course – This course is appropriate for personnel who are indirectly involved in uncontrolled hazardous waste sites. This includes land surveyors and geophysical surveyors among others.

8 Hour HAZWOPER Course – This course is for managers who are responsible for acquiring the same level of training as the personnel under their supervision.

HAZWOPER Training by OSHACampus

Ensure your workers and supervisors remain safe from the dangers of hazardous wastes by allowing them to sign up for the HAZWOPER 40 hour, 24 hour or 8 hour training courses via The guidelines that are provided during these courses are meant for the regulation of hazardous waste operations and emergency services provided in the United States, and its territories.

The courses are covered under OSHA standards for all managers and personnel who are involved with hazardous waste operations. This includes its treatment, storage, disposal, and cleaning. Some of the topics that are covered in them include:

  • Medical surveillance
  • Training program
  • Safety and health program (written)
  • Characterizing and analyzing sites
  • Drum and container handling requirements
  • Decontamination essentials
  • Emergency response plans is a leading provider of training courses for working professionals and corporations who wish to remain competitive. The courses on offer are designed to be taken online, and are self-paced for maximum convenience. Each has been designed as per adult education theory and distance learning technology by professionals who are experts in their field. Sign up for them today.

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