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Work-Life Balance: 5 Tips for Construction Workers

James Clark

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James Clark | January 8, 2019 | Comments Off on Work-Life Balance: 5 Tips for Construction Workers

Work-Life Balance: 5 Tips for Construction Workers

Depending on your role in the construction industry, you might feel as though you’re starting to spend less time with your family, and more time at work. This feeling is experienced by workers all over the country, often leading to frustrations and resentment towards your employer.

A work-life balance is essential to every employee, regardless of position or industry, when it comes to living a happy and fulfilling life. Unfortunately, the topic isn’t typically discussed among construction companies during their employee onboarding process, and workers don’t often have much of a plan in place when it comes to balancing work and personal enjoyment.

To help, we at OSHACampus wanted to create a short guide for construction workers to help them make the most of their personal time, which in turn will make their professional work more enjoyable.

Find Out If You’re Suffering from Imbalance

Having a flexible work structure is important for employees all across the country, regardless of age. After competitive pay and benefits, workers usually aim to find a company that can offer flexibility when it comes to hours, shift length, and other factors.

Believe it or not, but today’s younger workers are prioritizing work life balance over things like higher pay, retirement planning, and strong benefits. Fortunately, this trend will likely force employers to cater to the needs of the younger generation as they enter the workforce, improving the environment for older workers in the process.

But how does one come to realize they’re having an imbalance with their professional and personal life? Here are some signs that you might want to look out for:

  • You’re always tired
  • You’re unclear about your priorities
  • Your patience is wearing thin
  • You’re struggling to manage your professional and personal time

Admitting to yourself that you’re having a rough time in keeping things together is actually the most important step in finding the solution to the imbalance. It’s you, after all, who knows best when something is amiss with your day-to-day life in and out of work.

Identifying What’s Causing the Imbalance

To improve your current situation, it’s important to identify and acknowledge what is causing the stress. Here a couple key areas to look at first:

  • Lack of time with friend and family
  • Unable to take vacation days when you want to
  • Pressure to come into work when sick
  • Forced to work overtime

Some of these factors may even come together to cause the imbalance in your life, and when they do, it only means you need to make an adjustment so that you can pace yourself and better. For construction workers, employers can play a big role in work-life balance, which is why constant communication between them and their employees is important at all levels.

As an employee, it’ll be your duty to honestly assess the workload that you have, especially if you’re accepting a new role. Cases like this can happen a lot in construction since workers in this field are usually taught and trained to be multi-skilled.

Consider What Flexibility You Have with Your Job

Having open, free communication with your boss or manager is key when trying to fix your current situation. In some cases, they’ll show compassion and empathy if your raise concern that you feel overworked and undercompensated. If you’re a valuable employee, they’ll be more willing to work with you to find common ground.

Most leaders want to give employees roles that fulfill them, but inevitably other issues arise. It comes back to creating a culture of intentionality, in which every individual is empowered to dictate his or her own days as much as possible.

Watch Out for Your Health

There’s no chance of having a fulfilling work-life balance if your health is out of whack. Spending your time off resting, nursing injuries, or recovering is not ideal for anyone. You want to spend your time away from work doing the things that bring your joy.

Be mindful of what your body tells you. If you feel too sick to work, make sure that you have co-workers that can handle your workload, and a boss that’s willing to give you the day off. Prioritizing your health will allow you to use your free time to spend on hobbies, interests, and family.

Have a Clear Set of Goals

Having goals and making plans is key to maximizing your time away from work. Coordinating activities with friends and family after your shift will ensure that you aren’t wasting time deciding what to do after work. By setting goals and making plans, you’ll be more productive and efficient with your free time.

Bonus: Learn Work-Life Balance Even Before You Start Your Career

Management positions in construction have the power to delegate work, dictate schedules, and work more freely. To get those management position, you need training. OSHACampus offers the training you need to make it to the next level. Our OSHA 30-Hour outreach training program equips students with all the tools needed to be a success.

Thankfully, you also now have the option to take all that required training online. This way, you can easily take charge of your own pace and time, as well as focus on certain topics that you feel are most important for your chosen career path. If you’re paying for it, you might as well be in control. Learn more about OSHA Outreach Training online here.

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