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What does MSHA training program entail?

Each topic in our Surface Miner Training program is designed in compliance with MSHA requirements for the training and retraining of miners based on the Title 30 CFR – Part 46 regulations for surface miners and surface mining contractors. The set of courses can be used to help meet requirements for new miner training and annual refresher training for all surface miners. These courses contain required information about surface mines, common hazards, personal protective equipment, first aid, working environments, and much more.

Is’s MSHA program accredited by MSHA?

While MSHA reviews and approves Part 48 underground miner training programs, they do not provide accreditation to Part 46 surface miner training programs. MSHA establishes training requirements via the Part 46 regulation and relies on the competent person and responsible person at a mine operation or mining contractor to conduct training and provide documentation that training was completed in accordance with a written training plan. Training can be conducted and evaluated in a variety of ways, including online and computer-based training.

Who needs this training?

Miners who work in surface nonmetal mines that are designated as shell dredging, sand, gravel, surface stone, surface clay, colloidal phosphate, and surface limestone mines are required to complete this training. Though they are not specifically mentioned in Part 46, operations that produce marble, granite, sandstone, slate, shale, traprock, kaolin, cement, feldspar, and lime should also complete the program.

If you are unsure about what training you require, please request information from MSHA.

I work in a coal or underground mine. Is this the right training for me?

No, 30 CFR Part 46 applies only to non-metal / non-coal surface mine operations. While some Part 46 training topics may apply to Part 48 training, you will need to seek Part 48 training from a MSHA-approved trainer. Even if you work only on surface operations of a metal or coal mine, you are required to complete Part 48 training.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Yes. A certificate, or record of training, will be provided to you upon completion of your courses. This is an MSHA-compliant document that is equivalent to MSHA’s 5000-23 form. You will need to add your mine or independent contractor name as well as their identification number and the name of the competent person who can verify the training you received. Then, the certificate must be signed by the person designated as responsible for safety training in your Part 46 training plan before it is valid.

Who is the “competent person” that needs to be listed on my certificate?

This is a person designated by the production-operator or independent contractor who has the ability, training, knowledge, or experience to provide training to miners.

Who is the “responsible person” that needs to sign my certificate?

The responsible person is the person designated responsible for the health and safety training at the mine. This person may be your production-operator or an independent contractor. (30 CFR ยง 46.3 (b) (2))