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Construction Project Management Training

Construction Project Management Training and The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) are proud to launch the AGC’s first Construction Project Management Courses online!


Individual CoursesCourse DescriptionCredit HoursPrice
AGC – Effective MeetingAGC - Effective Meeting2.0$50
AGC – Equipment UtilizationAGC - Equipment Utilization2.0$50
AGC – PreplanningAGC - Preplanning2.0$50
AGC – Short Interval Planning (SIP)AGC - Short Interval Planning (SIP)2.0$50
AGC – Underlying Studies Building ConstructionAGC - Underlying Studies Building Construction2.0$85
AGC – Underlying Studies for Heavy/Civil ConstructionAGC - Underlying Studies for Heavy/Civil Construction2.0$85
AGC – Written CommunicationAGC - Written Communication2.0$50